Your Dental Benefits 'In Brief'

The information provided on this page is only a brief description of the Benefit Plans offered to participants under the Teamsters and Food Employers Security Trust Fund. For detailed information on the medical plan options available to you, including copay, deductible, coinsurance and out-of-pocket maximums, please log-in and download the Plan’s Summary Plan Description in the Documents/Forms section of this website.

Dental Benefits - For Active Employees and Dependents Only

The Teamsters and Food Employers Security Trust Fund offers you a choice of dental care programs - a PREPAID DENTAL PLAN which requires you to use one of a list of "Dental Offices" which are part of the Plan, or an INDEMNITY DENTAL PLAN which permits you to go to any Dentist of your choice. In addition, for Indemnity Dental Plan Participants, the Trustees have contracted with Coastal Dental. to provide services at special rates when you obtain services from a panel Dentist. You are urged to review and compare the Dental plans carefully so that your choice of a plan will enable you to best maintain your dental health and that of your Dependents.

The Prepaid Dental Plan is a direct service provided for Active Employees and their Dependents through a contract between the Board of Trustees of the Teamsters and Food Employers Security Trust and Liberty Dental. Liberty Dental has contracted with a network of private dental offices throughout the state of California. If you select the Prepaid Dental Plan, you will be required to choose a network dental office for all your dental care needs. You and your Dependents must receive all of your dental care from the same dental office. The Prepaid Dental Plan provides many dental services without charge; however, some dental procedures will require a fee or "Surcharge". If you or any of your Dependents go to a Dentist other than the Dentists at the Prepaid Dental.

The Indemnity Dental Plan is a self-funded benefit plan provided by the Teamsters and Food Employees Security Trust Fund. The obligation of the Trustees to provide the benefits set forth in this Plan shall be limited to the extent that funds are available to provide such benefits and shall not, in any event, be construed as an obligation to provide such benefits.

You may go to any Dentist you wish; however, if you go to a Preferred Provider Dentist, you will have 100% coverage of diagnostic and preventative dental treatment. If you do NOT go to a Preferred Provider Dentist and you reside within a 15-mile radius of a Preferred Provider Dental Office, the Trust Fund will only pay the amounts listed under IN AREA services by a Non-Preferred Provider Dentist. You will be responsible for the difference between the amount the Plan pays and the Dentist's charge. If you use a Dentist who is NOT a Preferred Provider Dentist, the Trust Fund cannot guarantee the amount of your cost for the dental procedure.

Exception: If you do not live within a 15-mile radius of a Preferred Provider Dental Office, the Plan will pay benefits in accordance with the Dental Schedule of Benefits for “OUT OF AREA” services provided by a Non-Preferred Provider Dentist. A copy of the Dental Schedule of Benefits may be obtained under the documents/forms section of this website.

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